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Our current tea selection includes over 110 varieties of bagged tea.
Boxes of Higgins & Burke, King Cole, Typhoo and P.G. Tips tea bags are also available in our gift shop.

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Celestial Seasonings Teas

Cranberry Cove
Cranberry Cove is a delightfully zesty tea with the tangy flavour of cranberries and a hint of apples. Its ruby red colour comes from cranberries and hibiscus flowers. Fresh New England cranberries are dried at very low temperatures to preserve their flavour and combined with tart and fruity hibiscus flowers, apple-like chamomile, rosehips& sweet spicy cinnamon to bring you a tea that is delicious hot and iced.
Mood Mender
Mood Mender Herb Tea is a truly unique way to lighten your spirit with the goodness of herbs. The key ingredient, St John's wort, has been used for centuries to help with a sunny outlook. Siberian ginseng helps keep you in balance and maintains your positive energy. lemon verbena, lemon grass and peppermint add liveliness to this all-natural blend. Natural citrus flavour adds a joyful highlight.
Sleepytime herb tea is a gentle blend designed for those relaxing moments in the evening. A pot of Sleepytime herb tea, along with a good book or warm conversation with friends or family, brings out life's true colours. It has a naturally sweet flower-loke flavour which can be enjoyed by young and old alike.
Wild Berry Zinger
A perfect blend bursting with the natural flavour of black raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, red raspberries, cranberries and even cherries! Plus flavourful herbs like hibiscus, rosehips and chicory give this tea the extra zestiness it takes to be a zinger. Wild Berry Zinger is delicious hot and outrageously refreshing iced. And, like all Celestial Seasonings Herb Teas, it's caffeine free.
Red Zinger
Red Zinger herb tea offers a unique taste experience that's excellent hot or iced. Its rich, ruby-red colour comes from hibiscus flowers, a delicious herb used in a natural soft drink in Mexico, Africa and parts of Europe. Also, hibiscus provides a tangy citrus flavour when enhanced with rosehips and lemon grass. The taste of Red Zinger herb tea provides a lively flavour that's delicious hot or iced.
Raspberry Zinger
This robust herbal brew gets its aroma and sweet-tart flavor from ripe red raspberries and a blend of tart and fruity hibiscus leaves from around the world. Soothing served warm and refreshing over ice.

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