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Our current tea selection includes over 110 varieties of bagged tea.
Boxes of Higgins & Burke, King Cole, Typhoo and P.G. Tips tea bags are also available in our gift shop.

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Assam Breakfast
In the cool before the sun clears the trees, steam rises from the cup. Wake up! This is pure Indian Assam tea - dark and robust, from the fertile Brahmaputra valley near the Burmese border. Enjoy its unique malty flavor with a splash of cold milk. 100% Natural ingredients.
The haunting essence of Osmanthus, used in the world's most famous fragrances, adds its scent to this rare and delicate tea from China's Guangxi province. Exotica Osmanthus is a black tea with the body and astringency of a green tea, with a light and fruity flavour. 100% Natural ingredients.
Exotica Reserve Blend
Exquisite black teas have been selected for this exceptional blend. Golden-tipped Darjeeling, Indian Assam, Ceylon, Formosa Oolong and a hint of Jasmine. Each tea adds its distinctive flavor notes to this exotic blend. A superb afternoon or morning tea. 100% Natural ingredients.
Ceylon Estate Earl Grey
Steep hills washed with tropical rain produce the incomparable Ceylon teas of Sri Lanka, "island of tea." This superb Ceylon tea is scented with pure bergamot oil from a small citrus cultivated in the Reggio Calabria province of Italy. The result is a truly exceptional Earl Grey.
Golden Darjeeling
The spring sun gilds the snows of Mount Kanchenjunga. In the clear days before the summer monsoon, the first flush of spring tea is ready for harvest. This is golden-tipped pure Darjeeling, rarest of the Indian black teas, a delicate tea of amber colour and flowery aroma, with a flavour that hints of green muscat.
Decaffeinated English Breakfast
For our decaffeinated English Breakfast, we have used a decaffeination process using a completely natural European process that removes 99. 5% of the caffeine while retaining all the flavor, colour and aroma of the tea. The result is a strong, rich tea. It may be enjoyed with milk or lemon and makes an exceptional iced tea. This flavourful tea is perfect to drink any time of the day.
Dragonwell Green
Dragonwell derives its name from the legend of a benevolent dragon in Chinese mythology. This famous green tea comes from scenic West Lake near Hangzhou. Eagerly awaited each spring in China, this finest grade Dragonwell produces a pale green tea with a lingering sweet flavour.
Lemon Ginger
This lively tea offers wide - awake flavor without caffeine. It has a smooth lemon flavor with a piquant, lingering bite of ginger. The root of the ginger plant has been used in Asian cooking for thousands of years, as it has a clean, fresh, spicy flavor that blends well with many ingredients. Ginger is also very soothing to the stomach and can aid in digestion.
Wild Raspberry
We blend the highest quality, most flavourful botanicals for our Wild Raspberry herbal tea. We combine ruby red hibiscus from China, lemongrass from Peru, Valencia orange peel from the United States, rosehips from Chile, and rose petals from Pakistan. Then we add pure, natural flavour extracts from fresh ripe raspberries. The result is a delicious, fruity tea that is both sweet and tangy and very flavourful.
Liquorice Spice
For our unique Licorice Spice tea we combine the finest licorice root from Europe, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, star anise from China, orange peel from the U.S.and sarsaparilla from South America. The result is a delicious dessert-like tea, good anytime, but especially enjoyable in the evening, as it's caffeine free.

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