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The Kitchen Witch Tea Room
& Country Crafts

The Kitchen Witch has always been family focused. Our own family has often worked at the business. We have strived to create a family atmosphere with our staff. For many of our staff over the years this was their first job opportunity and we have been blessed to watch these shy nervous youth grow into confident and well adjusted young adults. Our customers also, many of whom have returned year after year from near and far, have become an extended family. We have watched as infants and young children grow into teenagers and successful young adults. It is, therefore, with some measure of sadness that this year we must focus on our immediate family and not operate our kitchen or dining room as we focus on our individual rare forms of the curse that is cancer. We do hope to be able to offer readings and workshops later this summer depending on how our journey progresses.

Business Hours
SaturdayDue to a family situation our dining room will be closed for this season.

We are unable to accept orders by email or voicemail
Please call and speak to us in person

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