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The Kitchen Witch Tea Room
& Country Crafts

We offer old-fashioned home cooking.
Our menus abound with the red PEI map icon which denotes locally sourced items. As local veggies come into season we utilise them in limited batches of hearty soups. Additionally we prepare our own jams and pickles using fruit and vegetables grown right here on our island.

We use only the highest quality ingredients and bake fresh every day, using no preservatives. The breads we bake for taking home are also served in our restaurant, bringing their distinctive freshness, flavour and quality to everything on the menu.

Our sourdough is prepared with great care, using our own special techniques. We allow the dough to age well to fully develop its hearty, distinctive character. We also bake a number of other specialty breads, including whole-grain breads and focaccia.

In addition to our regular artisan breads, we offer several hearty gluten free breads, and our own flour and corn tortillas. We bake more than a dozen delicious varieties of bread, although not all varieties are available every day. We invite you to gather with your friends and business associates for a delicious meal, or escape for a few moments to enjoy a proper cup of tea or freshly ground coffee.

Our current tea selection includes over 110 varieties of bagged tea, over 80 varieties of premium loose tea and eleven blooming teas in addition to matcha tea and our very own yujacha-style marmalade teas.
Most of the loose teas are also available in our gift shop,
in addition to boxes of Higgins & Burke,King Cole, Typhoo and PG Tips tea bags.
Blooming teas are available in packages of six buds.

Business Hours
SaturdayDue to a family situation our dining room will be closed for this season.

We are unable to accept orders by email or voicemail
Please call and speak to us in person

Alzheimer Friendly Business
We're breastfeeding friendly
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