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Tea Leaf Reading

Tea leaf reading is a mystical art which has been practiced since ancient times. Since people first began drinking tea, they have been fascinated by the shapes left at the bottom of their teacup. The early Greeks practiced a variation of tea leaf reading, using wine instead of tea. They called this technique " Kottovos ". If you consulted a Greek seer, he would throw wine into a metal bowl and observe the shape of the resulting splash and the formation of sediment at the bottom of the bowl. Depending on the image, future events would be forecast which could be interpreted as positive, negative or simply unclear.

In the Middle East, it was more common to read coffee grounds, especially with the thick and syrupy Turkish coffee. Professional coffee grounds readers are common throughout Asia even today.

Europeans seem to have adopted tea leaf reading around the mid-1600s, possibly due to the influence of Rommany gypsies who practiced the art as they traveled from town to town. The gypsies specialised in dramatic proclamations about a future clouded in doom, but if you crossed their palm with a sovereign or two, they would try to remove the curse from you. Their style of tea leaf reading, while entertaining in its shock value, often discouraged sincere seekers who were hoping for genuine guidance and enlightenment from their tea leaf reading.

Tea Leaf Reading at The Kitchen Witch
Price includes your choice of loose tea

The Kitchen Witch is primarily
an eating establishment.
Customers not purchasing food
may be seated on a Chesterfield or at the bar
$0 $20
$5 $16
$5 $15
$10 $13

Tealeaf Reading Workshops

If you are interested in learning about tasseography (the art of Tealeaf reading) then this workshop is for you!
Our tasseographer will be holding workshops periodically during the year.

Space is limited to six per workshop. Cost is just $50 per person. This includes tea, dessert and reference materials. Call today to reserve your spot!

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