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The Kitchen Witch offers some fun and exciting workshop experiences. Call Debbie at 886-2092 to book your own experience. Check often for additional workshops. All workshops include the craft supplies, instructions, a beverage and dessert. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult. Many of these workshops are great for children. Ask Debbie about birthday parties and youth groups. Craft supplies are also available in our gift shop to make additional crafts at home.
Lupin Workshop       $15.00
At this workshop you have a choice between making a lupin wreath or lupin pen (for an additional $2.25 you can make both).
Kitchen Angel Workshop       $20.00
Choose from five colours and learn how to make your own Kitchen Angels. Colour choices are yellow, green, black, blue and brown.
Cameo Pin Workshop       $12.00
This workshop is really geared to children. At this workshop they will make a beaded cameo pin and card and wrap it. It makes a great gift for them to make for Mom or Grandmother for Christmas.
Christmas Cracker Workshop       $12.00
Learn to make your own Christmas Crackers and you can grace your Christmas dinner table with crackers you can customise for each guest. It's also a great way to package a special gift. At this workshop you will make one cracker and learn about different ways to decorate them.
Crystal Ornament Workshop       $15.00
At this workshop you will make three Christmas ornaments: an icicle, snowflake and bell. This is a great workshop for children or the young at heart. We have many other Christmas ornament kits for sale in the gift shop. You can create your own workshop, just purchase the kits and we will help you put them together.

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